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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Oracle APPS:Procedure Registration

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Procedure Registration Steps:
1)Develop the procedure and compile  at SQL prompt
2)Connect application select system administrator Responsbility create
  Executable by selecting the Execution Method as 'PL/SQL Stored Procedure'
3)Create Concurrent Program and attach Executable to the Program and add the
  Parameters and  incompatible programs.
4)Create Request group attach concurrent Progrtam
5)Attach Request group to the reponsibility  
6)Responsiboility  will be added to the user.
 User will submit the request from SRS Window.
Create Or Replace Procedure <ProcedureName> (Errbuf OUT varchar2,
    Retcode OUT varchar2,
    P1    IN NUMBER,
    P2    IN VARCHAR2,
    P3    IN DATE) AS
Local variable,Cursor,Collections Declare;
If statement
For Loop
Procedure Calling
DBMS_OUTPUT.Put_Line       *********{ -- This will not be used instead of this Fnd_File API will be used}
FND_FILE.PUT_LINE(Fnd_File.Log   ,'Message'||Variable Name);
FND_FILE.PUT_LINE(Fnd_File.Output,'Message'||Variable Name);
When Other then
-Exception Statements;
End <Procedure Name>;
PL/SQL Procedure with Parameter:
If we have any user defined Parameters then we have to register these parameters at the
time of Creating the Concurrent Program by selecting the Parameter button
enter the Seqno
 Parameter Name
 Value Set
Note : Token Field will be disabled.
Here First Parameter value will be passed to the first variable
Second Parameter will be passed to the second variable and so on........
When we are registering the report as C.P then only we required TOKEN field.
Because report builder bind variables may or may not be in the sequence that's why
we have to map with Token field.
Where as in Procedure variables position is fixed then TOKEN field will be disabled.

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